Punjab is the state of five rivers and is well known for its festival, culture, joy, and vibrant colors. If you want to experience the real taste of North India, you cannot miss visiting Punjab. It has a rich history and several historical places to visit. Many people visit this state during the holiday season every year; however, they miss uncovering the key attractions and things due to a lack of knowledge. If you are also planning to visit Punjab, this article is for you. Here we highlight a few things that can make your trip to Punjab more enjoyable.

  • Explore the history by visiting heritage cities of Punjab
  • Experience Famous Festivals Of Punjab
  • Visit Golden Temple and have langar
  • Try appetizing Punjabi cuisines
  • Shake your legs on bhangra moves
  • Shop traditional Punjabi suits
  • Enjoy delicious desi ghee sweets
  • Unlock the greenery of the gardens

To read in detail visit our website: 8 Best Things To Do In Punjab

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